Case Studies

"We have a video-first culture at Groupon - out of 3 million minutes of conferencing monthly, 96% is with video turned on." Zum Video

"We look for high-tech breakthrough technologies that we can incorporate to our business to make it better. Zoom is supernatural and easy to use - just download it, click, and you are in. I use on the airplane, in the car, in Uber or Lyft, in my house, in the office - everywhere." Zum Video

"Our deadlines are super tight and getting tighter all the time, and Zoom allows us to be very clear with each other, very quickly." Zum Video

"Zoom is light years ahead of the products that currently exist - this modality is far more interactive, engaging, and reaching the people in the way that we need to." Zum Video

"From an IT perspective, Zoom Phone is so easy to add to devices and so easy to provision." Mehr lesen

"Zoom ist sehr transparent und benutzerfreundlich. Dass sich sogar jemand persönlich um uns kümmert, hat mich zudem positiv überrascht." Mehr lesen